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Steel Silo Engineering



Food industry silo

Widely used, such as: rice, wheat, corn, soybeans and other food storage. With the development of the times the import and export of food, aquaculture, feed industry gradually increases for food storage have strict requirements and management. Our company can provide customers in accordance with the needs of food storage silo type selection, the main silo type are: First, the assembly positions; two, spiral positions;
(1) Collection chamber applies to the material as follows: corn, wheat, rice, soybeans, and so the proportion of larger, smooth surface of the material;
(2) spiral positions suitable for use as materials: rice, sunflower, castor beans and other lighter weight, poor self-slip properties of materials;


Feed processing industry silo:

Steel silo feed industry widely used in feed processing user, stored feed ingredients such as soybean, wheat, corn, soybean meal and other feed or storage of finished pellets or powder.
When the feed industry silo store feed raw material, general process is: truck--- unloading grain pits --- pre-cleaner --- magnet --- elevator --- conveyor --- grain silo. And generally they need to be equipped inverted silo functions for work with bin bottom ventilation system to adequately reduce the temperature of food in the silo; granary generally used 1,000 tons, 1,500 tons, 2000, 5000 tons of two silos or more; silo general configuration inside the material level, temperature, ventilation and other ancillary equipment; individual units are also configured fumigation circulation system, for reducing pest silo interior materials;


Biomass industry storage

As the special nature of raw material particles, under normal circumstances, steel silo for the storage of biomass particles is not suitable to be too big and too high, so as to reduce crushing rate. If customers are concerned about crushing rate, our company has national patent products used to overcome this problem;


Brewing industry silo:

Brewing industry is generally divided into the beer industry and the liquor industry;
For beer industry, the main process is grain unloading pit ---- elevator ---- silo ---- discharge.
The relevant area of the silo have insulation requirements; liquor industry the basic process is mainly grain unloading pit ---- cleaning system --- elevator ---- discharge ---- grinding;


Oil industry silo

Oil industry silo selection, generally used in fabricated steel silo, mainly because the material particles generally larger, from slide is good, less prone to the phenomenon of hanging positions;