Aqua Feed Production Line


Jiangsu Liangyou is a professional manufacturer of general fish aqua feed processing equipment and provides complete sets of turn-key projects. From the breeding point of view, compared with the traditional rearing methods, use of scientific and reasonable formula, combined with advanced processing technology and high-quality feed, high performance, low-pollution processing equipment, and ultimately produced general fish aqua feed can guarantee Fisheries animals can be more healthy and efficient growth, leading to higher benefits to farmers.


General fish aqua feed production line

-- can be customized recommendations :
( one production line: 1-12 tons / hour; multiple production lines: 4-48 tons / hour or more) detailed process flow scheme:
Extruded feed processing technology generally contains the following:
Receiving the cleaning of raw materials
A finely pulverized material
A mixed feed ingredients and crushed
A mixed pulverized
Secondary and post-mix ingredients
Mixture sifting
Add water, steam conditioning, wet extrusion pelleting
Subsequent drying, fat spraying and cooling
The final grading and packaging

Key equipment in general fish aqua feed production line:

Common fish aqua feed processing technology provided by Jiangsu Liangyou, the pellet mill is crucial components: special aqua dedicated pellet mill:

Pellet mill consists of feeding, mixing, pelleting, transmission and lubrication system components. Their work is to require moisture content of not more than 15% with the powder from the hopper into the feed auger, by adjusting the variable speed motor speed, to get the right material flow, and then enter a stirrer, a stirring rod and stirring steam mixed quenching and tempering, if you need to add oil or molasses, also tempered together with the steam from the mixing tube is added, the amount of oil added less than 3%, otherwise it is difficult molding powder after quenching with temperature up to 64 ~ 85 humidity of 14 ~ l 6%. And then iron impurity will be removed through the optional de-iron device at the chute from material to be mixed, finally goes into press chamber.
In general fish aqua feed production line, pellet mills generally used for the production of heavy material.


FDSP pellet mill production has the following characteristics:

(1) Simplified and feed circular feeding frequency feeding;
(2) Used quenched three jacketed conditioner or DDC, speed and adding steam system is installed in the form of specially designed blades, quenching the shaft to ensure that sufficient material can be quenched aging;
(3) The cutter mechanism fixed to the cabinet, open the door without leaving the knife blade against the surface of the ring mold, blade allows fast replacement (plug-in);
(4) Specific in the form of roll and roll surface, improving the use of existing feed blade material to the respective pressing zone average, evenly distributes the material.


The main technical and performance parameters:

product name




Fisheries type pellet mill
















Note: The capacity of the pellet mill usually by formula, quenching effects, particle diameter, the compression ratio factors, ring mold quality, please contact one of our professionals, and tell us your specific needs, we will specifically for you customized to meet the needs of your production line.



Choose equipment provided by Jiangsu Liangyou, the high quality raw materials and accessories, through sophisticated processing to ensure product quality and performance, experienced design staff, according to your request, provide you with the most reasonable process design. In addition, professional installation team and excellent after-sales service, make sure that you use and worry-free operation.
The following is a Division I after a domestic custom aqua feed production line installation image:




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