What output can you expect from your Pellet Mill?

We are the main china supplier of Pellet Mill. Our professional system for pellet production is protected by several patents. Our systems are suitable for small to larger volumes of pellet production. Our pellet mill is perfect for farmers that want to turn seasonal biomass waste into valuable pellets. Pellets made of wood (sawdust), straw, seaweed etc, By pelletizing such products you can benefit from your waste, saving you money.
Our system contains the technology that prepares your biomass material throughout the pelletizing process. The final product, can then be used for various purposes for instance as a fuel or as animal feed.
Our feed pellet mill is the perfect choose for your animal& auqa feed.

Then,you may want to know:
What output can you expect from your Pellet Mill?
At the moment we make mills designed for pellet production of 0.5-35 t/h. Different pellet machine with different capacities. You can choose the suitable pellet mill according to your production capacity.
Where can you see our Pellet Mill working?
We understand that if you are serious about pelleting you will need to see our mill up and running prior to purchasing. You are welcome to visit us in our factory. You will see our mills producing pellets are all with high quality.